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s.wilkes said:
Olive Leaf Extract is used to fight viruses and bacterial infections. The Olive Tree is the most desease resistant plant know on the planet. (I know my spelling is aweful) My family found this wonderful product in our Health food store. If we could afford it we would take it everyday year around. The other herbs listed in the above reply are also good. I have just recently been told about cs and am very curious about this. Where can I get this product resonalbly online. shell

That stuff works well and I'm usually a skeptic when it comes to alternative treatments. In otherwords, I don't get a placebo effect and Olive Leaf has worked very well for me.

Edited to ad I mean the Olive Leaf Extract works well; I don't mean the silver. I don't know about the silver but I aint gonna find out because smurfette doesn't do much for me :D
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