Food allergy to beef and pork happened to anyone else?

Discussion in 'Goats' started by allenslabs, Oct 21, 2006.

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    Feb 5, 2005
    I know this probably isn't the best place for this but I was just wanting as much feedback as I could get to help me figure this out. Thanks guys for any and all help!

    Is anybody else allergic to beef or pork? Right now the only meats I can eat are chicken and turkey. Beef sends me in hives and only a couple of benadryl will make em go away. Then last night after eating only 4 pieces of bacon I ended up in the ER with swollen face, difficulty breathing, hives all over and wheezing, hands itching and the runs. I have eaten beef and pork but mainly beef my whole life. Then within the last year I've gotten allergic to it and I'm only 25. I'm going to talk to an allergy doctor and see how common this is. I'm half scared to try anything and was wanting to try goat and stuff but dont know that i should. And I hate being labeled as one of those people that is at cookouts making sure what was in the food now I'm righ there. I don't like being different and wish I could go back. So next time you eat a big ole juicy steak or hamburger think of me. But really has ANYBODY had any issues like this?
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    Apr 7, 2005
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    I used to work in a daycare where 2 kids, brother and sister, were allergic to just about everything, including beef and pork.
    I'm allergic to a lot of things myself, and I used to ignore my allergies and eat and do what I wanted. But believe me, people may not like you "snubbing" things you are allergic to, but they like it even less when thier party breaks up because you have to call the paramedics!
    I used to be in goat 4-H (I am allergic to goats and things in hay and straw). I was ok if I limited the time I spent around the goats and got help cleaning the pens at fair. Some of the kids and parents didn't like it that I was not in the barn 24/7 and even less that I got help cleaning pens, but after I spent some time with the paramedics, they stopped complaining.
    So, I guess I'd reccomend going to the allergy doctor. They might be able to help you and if not, you can say "the doctor said I shouldn't eat that". People seem a lot more willing to listen to 3rd person doctor advice than 1st hand experience!
    Best wishes!

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    Sep 20, 2006
    sorry to hear about your recent allergic trouble. Yes we have many food allergies in our household. My older son is 5 now and last year he tested positive to 55 foods, including beef, and lamb. My younger son tested positive to 10 foods. My husband's brother tested positive to beef, lamb and pork. ----- --- has been a life saver to our family. They have tests you can order and a lot of info. about allergies. They talk about 100% avoidance of an allergen for at least 6 months before re-introducing. Many have successfully reintroduced foods this way. We are on a year now of avoidance and I am very anxious to re-test to see what the immune response has done. I wonder if you ingested 100% pork and 100% beef, or if it was an additive or preservative that you reacted to? It is VERY difficult to figure out on your own, since so many foods are processed with numerous preservatives. For instance baby cereals--1st foods for baby--rice cereal also contains soy protein. I highly reccomend blood testing for food allergies. It has been a miracle for our family. good luck to you. --has some good reading about allergy overload, or leaky gut syndrome which is what we believe we are dealing with for my older son. It talks about the non-varied diet of americans and the ways you can become allergic to foods.
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    Jul 29, 2006
    Hi, there,
    Just an interesting anecdote. A few years ago I was part of a group that participated in live blood analysis testing. The reason we participated in the testing was to see how the body reacts to pork. Blood was viewed under a special microscope and the live blood attributes counted, then the person ate bacon or pork, and the count was re-done. The live blood cells died, almost across the board. The blood recovered quickly, but it was still a pretty dramatic result. I haven't eaten pork since. DH hardly ever eats it either, but last weekend we were at a camp out and he had a few rashers of bacon and some eggs that were cooked in bacon grease - he said he felt the difference in his body - he felt drained and ill. Maybe there are more scientific tests out there somewhere or other proofs, but generally speaking - pork is one of those meats I definitely steer clear of. Beef is a different story - I have never heard of this type of problem with it... but in general, I think we can pretty much trust our bodies to let us know when something just isn't right for our own particular make-up... respecting that is common sense.... BTW, have you tried organic beef? you might be reacting to meat additives or the antibiotics or hormones the meat is exposed to. Just a thought.
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    my sister is alergic to dairy - not just lactose - she avoided ALL dairy products for one full year. And now she can have a little hear and a little there with no problems. BUT if she eats to much either all at once or even a little bit for a long period of time she will get very sick.

    It was and still is the same with my corn allergy (even though my reaction is only a bad rash I still dont like eating it in large quantanties - makes me break out and look ugly!).