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Font size setting

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I sometimes share this computer. I am unsure what has happened.
When I now open this site, the print is so small that I cannot read the opening page. Mozilla is the browser. I cannot determine where the setting is that controls the font size. Your help is appreciated.
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Is it in the lower righthand corner? mine has a little magnifying glass icon that says 100%

My computer problem seems to be either with Mozilla or a setting at this site. I am on Internet Explorer at this time and I have the setting you referenced. That setting is not on Mozilla or I cannot find it if it is. Thanks
Toward upper left. View, zoom, reset may be what you are looking for.
Thanks for the assist! The "road map worked".
Very good question.And thanks for the answer! I now can see the screen:smiley-laughing013:
Well-----the problem has now struck my computer.

I can enlarge the text via the mouse scroll wheel, control +, etc. but I cannot set it so that it does not revert back to the smaller font. Even going between messages on the forum takes it back to tiny font rather than what I need.

It isn't just this site but especially Google related, i.e. Gmail, Google news, and about any site that uses Google for their search engine. So, is it Google related.

It does seem to be just with Firefox and not with IE8.

Any ideas on what is going on and the solution? I have run Avast anti-virus and am running Ad-Aware. Windows 7 O.S. currently updated as is Firefox.

Probably unrelated but for about the past week I have struggled with connectivity to anything Google related, with it often timing out before making the connection. Gmail, Google news, and sites using Google as their search engine. At first it acted like it does when phone/DSL lines have been cut and there is limited service---but it has continued. Some times it works promptly as it should and other times simply times out repeatedly.

About ready to throw in the towel with Google as I can't get a solution from their info.
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I'm not sure what the glitch was nor where but it straightened itself out after a couple of hours. A real pain for sure while it lasted.
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