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Has anyone done this?

I'm looking into buying liquidated "stuff" from online vendors and reselling at flea markets. Has anyone else done this?

I'm figuring startup costs would include:

1) Inventory (probably about a grand to get a good selection of "stuff")
2) Tax license, which, if I recall right, isn't that expensive here
3) A storage unit, because I don't have temperature controlled storage at my place and my shed isn't really weather or rodent tight
4) Tables, which I could build.

I'm thinking I could get:

1) Housewares and household electronics (vacuums, toaster ovens, etc.)
2) Small electronics (iPods and accessories, radios, speakers, etc.)
3) Tools & hardware
4) Books, comics, anime, and manga. (I will not try to compete with the pirates on movies, but they usually don't have anime.) I could probably sell the anime by setting up a monitor with some of the better selections playing on it.

I am fairly mechanically handy and can fix things that were broken pretty easily, if I purchased lots of salvage, used, or returns online. Though I'd be inclined to start with "new" items.

I have a truck, and could probably borrow a trailer if I needed to.

Has anyone done this? What am I overlooking?

(I do web development on the weekends, but I could do that during slow periods at a flea market -- I have an air card for my laptop and as long as I can get a cel signal, I can work anywhere. And seeing me working on the laptop might get me some customers. *grin*)

Edit to add: Do I need a foodservice license if I were to offer free coffee to my customers? (Coffee's cheap, and if you offer someone a drink they're likely to stick around and browse.)
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