fixing bad picture from DVD/VCR on old TV

Discussion in 'Shop Talk' started by hookie, Jan 1, 2005.

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    I was told at the store that I would not need an RF adaptor to attach a DVD to my 16-year-old TV if I bought a combo VCR/DVD player instead of a DVD only player. I can use the player as promised, but the picture is very poor quality (wavy light patterns flutter and wobble through picture). Do I still need the RF adaptor to fix this or is this as good as DVD gets on old TVs?

    Also, my broadcast reception, which I ran through the player to my antennae, is awful now, but if I run straight to the antennae, I can't record on the VCR. Anyway to fix that?
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    I assume you got the DVD/VTR because it has a RF modulator and
    you wouldn't need to buy an add on modulator.

    You should get a picture like a good off air signal when playing a DVD.

    Most of the modulators can be switched to ch 3 or 4, have you tried both channels? Do you have a strong local station on ch 3 or 4? If so it could be causing interference and you should set the modulator to the channel that's not in use. If you have a really old set it may need fine tuning.

    Do you have another TV to verify that the DVD/VTR is working properly?

  3. check for bad wire or connection. If you need rf you will get nothing not bad signal