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fishin worms

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Since its been raining for weeks i bet we collected 1000 fishing worms. As usual we keep em in compost in some foam coolers, and we always have fishing worms on demand all summer.

but we never got this many so fast.

what do ya feed your common everyday run of the mill nightcrawlers while they are being detained?

when I have a few handfulls I toss a scoop of half rotted straw in and that seems to keep them happy for a week or so till we feed them to the fish.

We got so many now we wont be able to do that much fishin, so we will be keeping these wigglers for a long time.
I need to feed em to keep em healthy...
what do you feed em?
do you just toss it on the top of the dirt?

no worms ever made it past a week in the coolers, but now.... we have long term bait care problems.
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comfortablynumb said:
Ok, I just went out and tried the bagger mower thing, for the record it doesnt work, it ripps the paper up in big shreds.\
it will make a 70 yr old woman yell at you from next door real well....
"what the &%#@ are you doing?"
old folks are cute when they are riled up.
OTFL!!! :haha:

I can just see that woman thinking you'd lost it!
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