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First Clean Out Of Deep Litter @ 7 months.

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I have to admit I was skeptical of this method. Not cleaning out the coop regularly and replacing the bedding went against my inner clean freak.
However, after 7 months of just stirring and topping off the bedding , here is the results. I'm very pleased. With only my 6 hens I could of probably went a whole year. But I wanted this to kickstart my compost for spring.

You can actually see where it looks like there is dirt mixed in the bedding but Ive only been using pine shavings.
Scrap Soil Rock Waste
Brown Scrap Soil Mulch Plant
Scrap Mineral Metal Pattern Rock

I'm replacing about 1/2 the bedding, leaving some of the old that has the good bacteria as farmer Google suggests.

Also there is zero smell. It just smells like sawdust.
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I've never tried that. I usually shovel it out before it's too heavy for me to lift.

Looks good. How deep do you think it is in your pic @dmm1976 ?
I spread barn lime lightly before cleaning out my coop to take away the ammonia odor. I spread lime heavily when I'm completely cleaning out my coop and barn stalls once/twice a year. The lime can kick up a cloud so a face mask would be beneficial.

The lime must do something chemically to the ammonia, to break it up, otherwise you could throw shredded paper on ammonia and the smell would go away but it doesn't.

Not sure if the chicken waste would still be organic, or naturally organic. The lime (calcium carbonate) would have to affect something chemically because the ammonia smell goes away. But, I don't know that affect.

I cleaned out the coop and had a great quantity of organic, weed-free fertilizer. The ammonia would take your breath away, it was so strong.
1 - 2 of 31 Posts
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