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First "attempt" at canning

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The wife and I attempted to put up some strawberries yesterday. My parents canned when I was a kid. She always lived in town and had no previous experiance. She is awsome for even trying :kiss:.. I thought we followed the directions pretty well... We made 24 pints, they all sealed.. The problem is thay they are thin, really thin, more like syrlp.. We cut and mashed the berries with a potato masher.. Im guessing we didnt add enough sure-jell.. Any ideas??
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Sometimes it will set after sitting a while. Mine got left in a place where they froze and were like yours. When I went to re-do them with more sure-jel they had set!

Just my cents worth.
Sometimes if you don't keep the jam at a rolling boil for a minute, the jam won't set. But, strawberry syrup is still excellent on ice cream and pancakes!
Made Plum jelly once, even after re-doing the batch with more sure-jell it never thickened up...Pork roast slow cooked in the failed jelly is DIVINE!

If it never thickens mix it with peanut butter and spread on your homemade bread!
By chance, did you double the recepie or make several batches? Everything I have ever read says never double a batch as that can make it not set up. (not sure why, but it seems to be true). If I recall correctly, I get about 6 pints per packet of surejel. (or 12 half pints). So, to get 24 pints, how many batches did you cook up?

And if you have a ikky wet, humid day, it's best to skip jam making until things are drier, even when using sure-jel.

You do have to watch the measures closely, I've had some where I had a bit more berries than what the recepie called for and had it not quite set up.

Sometimes it can take several days to set up. It can even take weeks or months to set every once in a while. I wouldn't give up hope yet and like others have said strawberry syrup is yummy too :)
If you are making strawberry jam or jelly, just follow the recipe on the Sure Gell package and it should be good. If you were just canning strawberries to eat, that might be a different story - never did that. BUT - if your canned strawberries don't thicken up like you would hope, then you can always use these pints for ice cream topping!! I bet they would be wonderful on ice cream.! I once tried to make peach preserves and used liquid Sure Gell instead of the powdered kind, and the Sure Gell was a little out of date. The peach preserves never did thicken up, but we ended up using it as ice cream topping and we liked it so much I want to make it again this year. Not sure if I can even repeat my mistake successfully!
...or put it in homemade yogurt - REAL yummy!
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