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We finally started to plant our garden last night. Hubby has been so busy working 12 hours/6 days plus trying to work in the fields that we have been putting this off. We are planting the garden this year up at his dad's farm (2 miles away), this is harder for me to get garden work done but it is closer to our corn stand for selling.

Anyway, we planted about 12 dozen tomatoes plants. We planted Jet Star, Celebrity, Big Boy, Roma, and some Grape tomatoes. I can hardly wait to taste a warm fresh picked tomatoe right out of the garden. YUMMMM...

We also planted 2 dozen green and red peppers. Next we will work on the beans and squash.

The sweet corn is well out of the ground and I had to order another 25 lb bag of Bon Appitite. I sure hope we do well this year.

How are youns all doin with yours?....Laurie
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