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Am just now feeling like being online, been a very long week!

Surgery went ok, NO CANCER!!! But the one tumor on left side was large and attached to my colon and bladder, also to the scar tissue from previous surgery The doctor had a time of it but he got it all removed. Had some issues in recovery, the pain shots they gave me messed with my respitory functions and i was on oxygen for two days but was finally able to get off that, then had a spell with blood pressure dropping to low but they took me off my bp meds and it was cleared up the next day...

Was to have to went home on wednesday but was friday before was released, had a two hour drive home, was in hospital in Fayetteville, GREAT HOSPITAL AND STAFF by the way!! They were all just awesome from my doctor to the student nurses! Am very very sore right now, thank goodness for pain meds, lol

Guess I will have plenty of time to get caught up on all the posts from this past week...
I want to thank you all for your prayers...Feels so wonderful to know there is no cancer, guess am in pretty good health with the exception of my heart but we are working on that, changing to heart healthy diet and lifestyle changes

Now i am needin a pain pill....have to stop typin cuz i wont be making any sense at all then, lol, as if i am now, lol

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Doing the "no cancer" dance in WA! That is Wonderful news! :sing:

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