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I don't know if y'all remember me asking about a lump on my LaMancha/Boer cross doe that I got at an auction but, the consensus of course was to have her tested for CL. She is CL Negative! I am so happy. I was also unsure as to wether she was pregnant or not (she was supposed to have been bred to a boer buck before I bought her) If she's not pregnant she is carrying watermelons in her belly sideways! I am not feeding her anymore, if anything I am feeding her a little less grain(have been told too much grain to pregnant does was bad for kidding). She weighs(I should say weighed!) 150# and I give her not even 1/2 lb of grain per day and lots of hay and graze. She is ballooning and mostly on her right side and where as the right side actually hangs lower than her left side.

Anyway, enough of my babbling! I just wanted to share my awesome news and thank everyone who has been so helpful with all my questions...silly or not!

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