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Finally, A Homestead

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Well we finally made it. Our house sold and we are closing it Aug 31st. We have been trying for almost 2 years. We have also been looking for quite some time. We have looked at about everything you can think of. We heard of a property auction and got all of our finances in order. We managed to win the auction and now the fun begins. We can't even live in the property because of the amount of work it needs. It is liveable, however we want to pull plaster out of it and clean it thouroughly. We will be living in a camper for hopefully only a couple of months.

The house is 2100 sf with 4 bedrooms and 1 bath. It has a butlers kitchen off of the main kitchen. The house needs windows, siding, and a thourough painting and cleaning. There were cats running in the house after the property owner died.

The property came with 2.9 acres of land, and just yesterday the owner of the 3/4 acre with the barn beside us posted it for sale. We will have to see how much he wants. I currently have a smaller barn already on the property.

Now for the question. There is a honey bees hive in one of the walls. How do I remove them from the wall safely? I am allergic to bees! I will be posting lots of questions and am trying to get in to measure up everything and take pictures.

Too excited!

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congrats on your new home!

interesting story about a similar situation, we looked at a place to caretake & the owner had actually built the beehive in to the house!! there was plexiglass on the inside so you could watch them at work, it was very interesting.

ofcourse, being alergic i know you'd not want to go that route... lol but i though it was really cool.
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