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Field mouse spotted in my garden where I keep ducks - kill or ignore?

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Two of them spotted tonight nibbling on some spilled cracked corn. Ducks in their cages.

My question is, does the disease risk posed justify getting rid of these mice?
While they're cute, I am unaware of how severe the risks of:
1. Serious multiplication
2. Will they attract raccoons to come and eat them
3. Disease via droppings risk?
otherwise, hell I'd like to keep them as pets but I'm unaware of how severe the risk is. My garden is rather closed up (within a city + neighbors)
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The problem with using cats for rodent control CB is that cats cannot go down rodent holes. Snakes can and will. Also if you have stored hay/straw cats can't squeeze into a lot of it between the bales , but snakes can. Also cats poop up in the hay when it's stored up in the barn, problem. While in Oregon I would catch most any snake(non venomous) I could find while out walking, tie it up in my headscarf and take it home then turn it loose under the house and duck house and pen. Never saw mice or rats on my three acres on the Willamette River there. My neighbors had barn cats and they killed snakes all the time as they had mice in their hay and chicken coop. .. Duhhh LOL

Now that I am in North Carolina on The Albamarle Sound I have Rat snakes here, two color variations and they seem to do a good job on rodents. Haven't seen any rodents in garage or shop area and of course non in the house. I guess we need to realize who our friends are.

Just get some barn cats and stop worrying about it.
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