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We went over the mountain this past weekend, yet again, to the Maury River Fiddler's Convention. This is non-profit, just keeping bluegrass alive in the mountains of western Virginia.
You'll see a father and son photo. The father won 3rd in the Dobro, and the son 1st in bass. Nobody knew this when the photograph was taken down in the camp, it was just about the father wanting a photo with himself and his son.
Just wanted to share a little part of Virginia and a lot of musicians that weren't just from Virginia. They came from Vermont, TN, Maine, and more.
You don't have to compete to camp on the Maury River during the festival. Music goes on into to dawn.
The fiddler in the lime green shirt looks like my friend Rob Colter. I didnt make it to Muary River this year , we went up to Wayne Hendersons guitar comptetion in Grayson Highlands State Park. Doc Watson was the there Awesome! Tom
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