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    May 9, 2002
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    Okay -- I'm ready to start something new - and I've decided to do some research into fiber arts/spinning. Part of this would be raising my own fiber animals, and I've been looking into angora rabbits and also alpacas.

    Anyone on here with the experience to push me in the right direction on these animals and how to make a little profit off of their fiber? Is it better to sell the fiber to spinners and such, or spin it myself into yarn for sale? Certainly, the basis would be to provide for my own family -- I already knit a lot of things for my own family and for gifts, but it would be nice to know going in if this is a viable business?

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    It's funny this thread should come up because my husband and I are kind of steering toward the fiber animals and I was considering Satin Angoras. I've seen Angora wool sell for over $50 a pound on ebay and it was still getting bids and this was not spun, died or anything. As far as I could tell it was white angora wool in a ziplock bag and that was it.

    You could try spinning some of it into yarn and offer both unspun and the yarn and see which sells better. I would suppose they both have the potential of doing well if marketed to the right audience.

    I thought it would be fun for a little bit of income here and there. An excellent person to talk to is Lisa at Somerhill Farm. She's really nice and has been a huge help to me. :)
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    Jun 8, 2004
    I don't sell much of my angora, as I spin it myself, but I would recommend selling unspun wool. Unless of course you have something to blend it with. People rarely use 100% angora for projects. It is really hot, gets extremely furry, almost pelt-like, and, did I say, gets extremely hot? I will use it for trim or small specialty items, but it does better in a blend.

    If you do choose to sell spun 100%, remember that it needs to be spun very fine, or it creates a yarn that's heavy and sags.

    But, it's only the best fiber in the world. That's why it does best blended, you know...we can't take too much perfection at once!
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    You should check out the Fiber Arts forum that's under the Cooking and Crafts forum. There's lots of spinning and fiber people there with lots of experience and knowledge.