fence over creek?

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  1. We've got a fence running at a 90 degree angle over our creek, 8-10 ft wide. How do you all keep critters from entering your fence at a creek? There is a pipe going under the road that is parallel to our fence. I think they are getting in by going through the big pipe then coming into our pasture. Any suggestions?
  2. Normally the problem is keeping your critters _in_ the fence at a water crossing. What exactly are you trying to keep _out_??????

    Is electric fence a possibilty? There are ways to make that work with light wire, and a special block so when that wire shorts out on rising water the rest of your fence still is electrified.

    There are swinging gates that allow debris to float through on high water, but still close off most of the waterway. They look like large tile grates, hinged on the top, made of pipe or rebar - water & debris can swing the gate & pass under.

    How much water, and how much does it increase in spring & heavy rain, always a flow or just during rains, does the water flow into or out of your pasture, how big is the culvert you are trying to fence, and what size critter are you trying to control?


  3. Thanks for your reply, Paul. We have goats that we are keeping in, but in another pasture. Yesterday, we awoke to two stray dogs in the pasture with the opening at the creek. The creek is not much than a trickle now but in the winter increases to about 2 ft deep. Right now there is fencing all around the culvert opening with old tires weighting them down, but the culvert is open. I like the plastic pipe idea, but I guess the dogs would just push it open.
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    I just made Swing Gates on mine,using Cattle Panels.

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    Is there any way to cover the pipe with A cattle panel or piece of field fence?