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Fence installation ?

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When installing a fence (t-post, top two rungs of barbed wire and bottom 3/4 ft. welded wire)... Wouldn't you measure the posts at the same height THEN install the wire at same height from top/bottom? My question is how to get fence even on rugged terrain...(to settle an argument w/city boy!:):)

HE says... he is planning on digging to insure fence is level!!!!! :eek: I say.. well that'llbe just greeeeaaatttt..... I'll have one foot of fence at one end and four at the other (in height) :no:
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Put in the corners and pull a string or rope depending on the length. Adjust the string until you like the way it is working and then fence accordingly. I add wire or fabric to the bottom through washes or low spots.
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