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Felted Slippers

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Last picture for today (I have to go buy a new freezer for the farmers market)
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Those are nice looking Ross. I have a friend that likes to make Felted boots and she wears them alot.
I haven't gotten around to trying to make a pair,,yet.
Ross....I love those! My little people really need some...any ideas where I might get a pattern, or did you do it "moccasin" (butchered that spelling) style? I mean trace feet and cut out.
I'll get the nice lady to answer how she made them. I'm thinking they used cardboard cuts outs I had to cut for her using tin snips but that's pure spectulation.
I wear a womens size 6, you can mail my slippers to ..... :D
Those look warm! I bet boot liners would be a neat thing to make out of the felt, too!
Ross’ wife here. Thank you.
I made the pattern myself by tracing feet. Here is a link to the felt makers Faqs. There is a link there for the how to make the boot style. (Plus lots of other very interesting things) For the other I used the first part of the boot design and them cut a small hole witch you gradually enlarge by stretching. Make sure you have a little extra wool where you are going to make the hole.
I just read a good book about felting. It said that if you construct slippers or mittens out of what is called "prefelt" then you can have the recipient finish the felting process by putting them on. Then the final felted form will be custom fitted to the outline of the person's foot or hand. That might be a good way to go if a person's feet were especially wide or narrow.

Does anyone here do much in the way of needle felting? I am very interested in that.
Ross' wife again. I do alot of needle felting. I love it. Currenly I am felting onto my jean jacket. I have done a hill sceen with sheep on the bottom and I am putting our farm name in the top.
I belong to a felting list and there is a needle felting group on yahoo.
Ohh,,, that sounds very pretty Ann, you will of course post a picture for us, when you are finished,, Pleaseee....

Felting is the one thing I have not done with sheep's wool... I wish you were closer, as I would love to watch how you do it!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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