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Feeling Lucky!

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My kia has been smelling like antifreeze for the last week or so, had no visable leaks, just stinky. This morning the heater wouldn't work properly so I decided I had better get it into the dealership to see what was up, that and it has 2300 miles left on the warranty. The dealership is an hours drive, as soon as I got there and pulled into the service bay, turned it off, all the antifreeze spewed all over the floor! It never overheated or anything. I feel lucky to not be stranded in the middle of a bit very nice part of town! Now I am without my car for a while and will be driving a black 1973 Ford F350 super camper special...
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Wow, that is some timing you had there! And yes, lucky to not have done more damage to the vehicle, lucky it is still under warranty, and lucky to not be stranded ANYWHERE. Hope it doesn't take too long to remedy the problem, and you survive the Ford 350. Remember, it will probably require a bigger parking space than what you are use to in a Kia! LOL!
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