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Hello, I am looking for input from shepherds in the cold northern climates that have snow from Nov - April.

So the big question is... does anyone have totally grass-fed sheep even in the northern climates? I realize that moose and deer don't have grain supplementation of any kind but everything I have read about sheep states giving pregnant ewes grain and also at flushing. Some are grass-fed then the last few weeks before market are grain-fed.

I have been reading from various medical sources that eating grass-raised meat and having milk/cheese from grass-raised sheep/cows etc. is better for you than grain fed. Supposedly about the grass fed meat is Omega 3 fats and a grain fed animals would be Omega 6. These doctors advocate that therefore "wild game" is a better health choice if one can't find grass-fed animals. On restaurant chef did the experiment cooking with both and the concensus was that the grass-fed was better.

Some sheep are easy keepers but I worry about the health of the lambs/ewes. We have good hay and also "fresh green hay" that has been vacuum packed to lock in nutrients.

Thanks in advance for your help.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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