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I have been raising about 50 head of Suffolk and Columbia ewes in north central Montana for a number of years. We raise our own alfalfa/grass mix hay. Seeded at about 80/20. I have never fed any grain at any time to the sheep. I reserve the majority of the second cutting for the sheep and goats. (first cutting goes to the cows) I have selected for multiple births and big lambs over the years. My ewes are in excellent condition when they lamb and the lambs are nice and big when they are born and grow out well. The last few years I have had some ewes that were really too fat, so I have started feeding the herd half first and half second cutting until the last two months before lambing when I switch to all second. Mine are on good irrigated pasture all summer, so they go into the winter and breeding season in good flesh.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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