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An interesting topic. I've always fed grain because it fit the whole farm managment plan which doesn't have me growing suitable hay (We get a lot of winter killed alfalfa and my land base isn't tile drained plus we get alot of rain) and I can get grain very reasonably priced in bulk directly off the field. I work to my strengths and acknowlege the weaknesses. Some breeds use forage better than others, some breeds are a little dependant on grain. I'll bet my crazy Cheviots could produce on medium quality hay alone while my Hamps and Rideaus would need more grain. To be fair my Hamps and Rideaus would drop more lambs and have far more milk to feed those lambs even though all are kept on similar feeds.
Is this omega 3 meat something you want to sell or is it for your own use? Just curious I am a big fan of value added marketing. Where it will sell.
I have a book by Peter Schroder More Sheep More Grass More Money that I havn't finished reading. It came highly recomended to me and I will get through it one of these days. So long a the weather holds off for me I have too much to do outside! Maybe someone here has read it and can comment?
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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