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Feeding Milk ???

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We are now up to 12 pigs. Buying a ton of feed every 3 weeks is getting expensive. I have a few questions about feeding milk.

*What do you put it in? What type of manger?
*How do you transport it? I have access to either plastic barrels or 250 gallon liquid storage totes.
*How do you get it from the transporting container to the feeding container?
*How much do you feed per pig?
*How do you store it, or do you pick it up every day?
*How do you go about approaching a dairy? Do you just show up and ask for an office. I'd call but there are 2 near me and I don't know the name of either one, so can't just look up the number.
*How much do you pay for dump milk?

I know lots of people who raise pigs, but none of them feed milk, so we have no idea how it is done. I'd appreciate any and all advice.
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I hadn't thought about a dairy packing plant, there is one of those nearby too, but I was thinking of a dairy farm. Does anyone else gat milk from an outside source?
We don't usually freeze except for a few days in the winter.
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