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Feeding Milk ???

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We are now up to 12 pigs. Buying a ton of feed every 3 weeks is getting expensive. I have a few questions about feeding milk.

*What do you put it in? What type of manger?
*How do you transport it? I have access to either plastic barrels or 250 gallon liquid storage totes.
*How do you get it from the transporting container to the feeding container?
*How much do you feed per pig?
*How do you store it, or do you pick it up every day?
*How do you go about approaching a dairy? Do you just show up and ask for an office. I'd call but there are 2 near me and I don't know the name of either one, so can't just look up the number.
*How much do you pay for dump milk?

I know lots of people who raise pigs, but none of them feed milk, so we have no idea how it is done. I'd appreciate any and all advice.
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Contact your local food pantry for food other than milk. We are the outlet for our local food pantry, and receive things that they get donated to them that they feel aren't good enough for human consumption. We've gotten lots of frozen meat, slightly dated organic milk still in cartons, kefir and yogurt, bags of grain with bugs in them, truckloads of produce. We have pigs who know and love avocados and sheep who know how to peel a mango.
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