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I keep sheep and steer in the same pasture during the winter. The neighbor rotates his horses in with them during the summer months. Usually I feed the steers first. Its a race. I pour grain in buckets and hang them on nails that are too high for the sheep to reach. Then I dump a little sheep grain and alfafa cubes (hay was bad here this year) in their feeders. Normally I don't feed the sheep grain all year long, but with the steers getting grain, a little keeps the sheep occupied and out of the steers which has copper in it. Sometimes I have to stand between them all like a umpire with my sheep stick. We have a dutch door (I think thats what it's called) on our sheep barn. During the summer I keep the top half closed so that the horses can't come in. They all seem to get along except come feeding time, then its every animal for themselves. Becky
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