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Discussion in 'Goats' started by dbarjacres, Aug 27, 2006.

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    Feb 2, 2004
    I'm just curious what you all feed your bucklings you are raising up for breeding. These are the first Nigerian (and dairy of any type) bucklings we are raising from birth. One is almost 3 months and the other is just over 2 months. Any grain at all? I do have AC to add to it if that actually works and isn't a myth. And for hay I have 2 options, straight alfalfa 2nd crop 06 (hay in our area is testing low in protein this year because of wierd weather, so it's 15.1% at prime cutting only, and Ca is 1.34% and Phos is .20%) or can offer a alfalfa/grass mix 2nd crop 06 (this tested at 13.47% protein, Ca is 1.01% and Phos is .23%,) I also do have a 85% grass 15% legume 2nd crop too(13.34% Ca is .92% phos is .26%). Right now they also have some mostly grass pasture left in their pen also, but that will be usless in about a month (we're in WI). THey also have access to loose mineral, kelp, and soda, but not much interest. Is BOSS something okay to feed them to add fat and growth for the upcoming winter? I'd like to breed with one of them in January hopefully, using the adult buck now.

    Also, my adult buck got an injury and is on penicillan/gentocin for the last week, but he's lost a lot of weight (his scrotum got injured and extremely swollen). With this being the middle of rut and the injury feeling much better already, he's already showing off for the ladies again and making ugly faces at the other buck. Is there a good way to get him to put some weight back on in this stressful time? He went a week with refusing to eat so lost quite a bit. He has pasture, and can have any of the above hay also.

    Thanks for your time and help!
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    No grain for my bucks all medicated feed oh ye of course hay and water.. Not really anything much speacial for my bucks. Forgot to add loose goats minerals too.

    GL BYE

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    I have always fed my bucks *some* grain/feed. They get a small grain ration along with brush, grass hay and alfalfa pellets. Also fresh water and loose minerals of course. If the hay I feed has alfalfa in it, I do not feed alfalfa pellets. I have done this for 5 years now and have never had a case of UC.