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    I received a call from one of my electrical customers, that they had had a corn spill... I went and helped haul some off... Got 5 full-full supersacks, + 4 barrels, of whole white corn out of the full rounded load. I'm guessing I had 12-13000# on the truck...

    Now i find my self wondering if I should find a pto grinder...
    I bought 8 supersacks of boiled then ground then baked corn meant for human products, for $140.00.... Still feeding from that load...

    I guess I need to find something else to feed?

    We add to every 5 gallon bucket of corn, a coffee can of 44% soy and a handful of calf manna, and a hand full of foal milk replacer we scored as well. And they have a red mineral block as well...

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    Whole corn passes right through pigs very nicely and is a good way to feed the chickens who will pick it out of the dung... Grind it, soak it, etc to improve digestibility. Corn is high energy, now protein and needs minerals.

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    Apr 25, 2017
    I'd feed it to my pigs
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    I'd do successive intensive plantings then turn the pigs into it at 12" to 16" plant height. You have a lot of grow time left in your area. You will increase protein load at least 50%. 16 to 18" plant rows would work for that in fairly decent soil. Don't expect a crop harvest though. You could broadcast it with fairly good results with a little attention to coverage. A few weeks back I planted a section with old sweet corn seed, no point in keeping it. It is coming along better than expected. I don't expect a saleable crop out of it but it will make a bit o' feed.