Feed for sheep,commercial or home recipes?

Discussion in 'Sheep' started by sheeplady, Jan 21, 2004.

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    I am posting this for a friend. :)

    I would welcome some feedback from other small fiber flock people. I live in a section of Massachusetts that is witnessing small old farms being turned into high priced subdivisions. As a result, the number of feed stores and the products they provide are limited. In fact, most focus on the horse market. Locally, I have a choice of Blue Seal and Agway products. I currently feed my flock of Icelandic sheep and Angora goats Agway Sheep & Goat Pellets (16% protein). Six weeks before lambing, I add soy meal and some cracked corn if it is very cold. I welcome feedback a personal experiences regarding Agway vs. Blue Seal, Pellets vs. Coarse, mixing one's own receipt vs. commercial feeds and cost. :confused: Patrick , West elm farm , Pembroke, MA
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    May 9, 2002
    I buy in bulk off the field or after the drier. Bagged feed will kill you on price no matter whats in it. a bag of whole corn here is 9.25 CND for 40 kgs,(88 lbs) A metric tonnes would be 231.25, compared to $130 for dried (18%- moisture) corn in bulk. Pelleted feed turns to mush in the stomach which is not great for motility. Whole grains work fine, rolled or cracked are probably as good, but I doubt it's worth the cost. This year I'm feeding more corn as there was no barley available, add some soy and you can make a workable ration. We also add baking soda to prevent acidosis. Work with what you can get and invest in storage for bulk feeds. Gravity wagons with a roof work very well.

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    You could move to Jefferson County with me :) if you don't mind minus 30 or so some nights 3 weeks of 0 being about the high :no: