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Fat doe update 2.5

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4 days past due date & no buns! :(

Several days before her due date she was "making bones" & pulling fur. Made a nice, fur-lined nest. Then nothing.

We had a cold snap about that time - could she have "absorbed" the babies? Or in spite of her behavior not been pregnant at all?

Don't know whether to give her another chance or not. When she did have buns she was a good mother.
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Give her another few days while you think it over.

How hard is it to get good does where you are? Availability is often a factor when deciding how many chances to give.
Good rabbits locally. She may be one to cull because she gains weight so easily. Her sister doesn't & is easier to breed & is just as good a mom. I'm also thinking of checking out rabbitries near Portland when I'm there in July.
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