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While your local fast food place is a franchise - they are privately owned - so no, they do not have to accept the ads of said franchise or their coupons. But it seems silly to me - that while the franchisee has to jump through hoops to build their franchise - said franchise has rules and regulations on how to build the store, you must purchase all equipment and materials from said franchiser, etc, then they don't have to honor the deals that is nationally advertised.

Amazingly, we do have most of the fast food places in town - and all but two of them won't honor the nationally advertised deals. At the one place - they just don't honor the nationally advertised deals - of course, they are a very small fast food place stuck inside a truck stop. The other fast food place doesn't have any of the cheap deals on their menu. Oddly enough, they are a regular sized restaurant inside the new truck stop - but I figure since they are the only fast food place that is open 24 hours a day - that is why they don't have the cheap deal - if you are hungry for their food - you are going to pay full price for their food.
1 - 1 of 20 Posts