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When I go to town I like to treat myself to lunch at a fast food restaurant. Since the pandemic they have been playing games with the customers. I understand staffing shortages and reduced hours are not their fault. First the restaurants require you to join their app to get deals. I don't want them to gather info on me so I won't join. The latest con is they are advertising special deals and not honoring them. Subway sent me coupons in the mail but when I tried to use them the nearest subway wouldn't honor them. Burger King is advertising a whopper jr meal deal on TV. Both BK restaurants near me won't honor that price. One told me that the ad has a disclaimer at the bottom so I looked for it the next time I saw the ad. The print is so small I couldn't read it even though I was close and the screen is big.

I think I will just buy a nice steak for dinner at home, save a bit, and send the restaurants a message. .
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