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farrowing problems

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Our sow, who has had 4 litters easily with 15 total on her last one had 7 within 1-1/2 to 2 hours. She then went 2 hours and delivered a rather stessed, limp piglet that we rubbed alive but later lost followed by a placenta. We figured that was it and went to bed after a half an hour or so. I got up all night every half an hour to check them. Well we lost the 8th one early in the morning. The sow was tired and the other piglets were nursing fine. We went about our day doing chores etc. checking them all regularly. 15 hours after she had the 8th piglet she delivered a 9th. We were not in there. I had checked her 10 minutes before Ron went in. This one was stillborn we believe. It was laying on a water sack/ placenta. We couldn't revive it. We waited for the next placenta nothing. We checked her nothing. The vet came and checked her and gave her a shot of oxcytocin and she is better. VERY Crabby! She came after me this morning. I just pushed her head down. She is very touchy.

Anyone else experience this or see what we could have done to forsee this situation. What about crabby Moms. She has snapped at me a couple of times and charged me once.

What about farrowing pens? what does everyone do for this?

Thanks for the info...Laurie
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Hello, what do you farrow in? We have a "hog house" (also called a "farrowing house") we use to use ( this year it will house my ducks, geese and show chickens :haha: ) Theres a spot for mama hog and then bars 6 inches on both sides of her so she doesnt lay on piglets, the piglets have a lil "stall" where they go for heat, water, ect. The reaction you got from mom is proble normal, as shows get older they mkae better pigs, but at the other poster said this is a problem. WE once raised farrow to finsh, and out of 20 sows, 5 of them had pigs...that was the last year. :( Well i hope everything works out. We had hogs free range one year and that was FUN! haha...wish we could get back into it....Just no money in hogs anymore unless your a big name club pig producer...oh well :no:
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