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I took a trip over to see the breeder where three of my does come from. The bottlefed twins were spending time with the herd and fencing. They were given a half bottle snack when I was there, so I got to feed them. She also showed me the fleece and testing results but I haven't had a chance to peek at them yet.

Plant Tree Land lot Natural landscape Grass

The herd munching.

Plant Wheel Tire Tree Wood

Someone tried joining the ax up there.

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CVMs and Wensleydales.

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The buck/wether chateau. Blaze, lying down, is a beloved wether who stepped on a nail many months ago and infection reached the bone so he doesn't walk on it very much. Antibiotics didn't help so he'll be put down later this week. I was very sad for them.

Plant Goat Grass Goat-antelope Horn

Sire Steelix and another wether.

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Twins napping in the sunshine.

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Snack time!
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Since I'm not familiar with goats, what do you mean about the fleece and testing results?

Too bad there isn't more they can do for the big guy to clear his infection.
Cashmere goats, fiber animals, get their fleece tested for things like its micron count, consistency, length, crimp, etc. :)
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I am completely intimidated by fluffy long haired goats.
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My husband came from a dairy goat background and isn't keen on their horns. They aren't usually a particularly large goat. Mine I would consider medium sized.
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I've always thought cashmere goats would be a fun little change of pace, their fleece's are just adorable.
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The good part is they shed once a year so you don't have to futz with that part too much. Other than three of them getting coccidia when I first got them, they've been a healthy group so far.
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And you don't have to clip or brush them?
If you want to save it, you brush them out in the spring. If you do nothing, they'll shed out eventually.
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