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  1. I am an organic produce grower living on a 160-acre farm in Southeast Nebraska (Unadilla). The farm's owner is passionate about beginning a small dairy herd and working toward local marketing of milk and milk products. The owner is highly knowledgable about small-scale dairying, but is in his upper-70's and is looking for a "champion" to get an enterprise up and running. This, of course, would require a move to (or near to) the farm.
    At present, there is nothing on this farm to support a dairy, except for an extensive amount of dairy buildings, equipment, or animals. The farm has no history of being a dairy. But, it has great potential.

    I am not a dairyman, nor do I have a passion for dairying, but I would work closely with the dairy farmer to determine the best way for us to work together to establish mutually-sustainable and cooperative enterprises on the same farm.

    At present, my market garden operation is an will likely grow much large over the next several years. The rest of the farm is as follows:

    5 acres of "farmstead" (house, machine shed, yard, etc.)
    14 acres of recently planted native prairie
    about 15 acres of tilled cropland
    about 20 acres of alfalfa
    about 80 acres of brome grass pasture
    3 farm ponds
    the balance of the rest of the acreage is mixed grass, wildlife habitat, and some trees

    If interested in knowing more, please respond
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    So, what is it you are after? A worker or some info to get you started in the dairy industry? :confused:

  3. We are looking for an individual who would like to begin a dairy operation on the farm, working closely with the farm's owner and myself. However, it would be our intention that the individual be interested in owning the operation him or herself (from the beginning or eventually, whichever the case may be.) The land is here, the owner is passionate about dairying, but we both lack the drive (emotionally for myself and physically for the farm's owner) to successfully move forward.

    I am certain that I am being unclear. Hopefully, a continued dialogue will provide clarity.

    The simplest way of looking at it is that there is a farm who needs committed individuals to provide for its bright and sustainable future. My primary "piece" in the whole-farm picture is developing a successful market gardening operation and working to develop a plan for other crops. I believe that this farm can support other agricultural enterprises....In fact, I believe it is crucial to have other enterprises who can be independently successful while also being "tied" to other enterprises. The dream is that we could all develop and follow a whole farm plan that requires each of us (and our individual plans) to be successful.

    As I've mentioned, the owner is a small-scale dairy enthusiast. He is quite knowlegable. In fact, he is a avid cheesemaker and is widely well-read in dairy production. But neither of us is experienced in dairying, and the owner's age prevents him from committing himself fully to a dairy startup.

    I do not desire to have dairying become a large part of what I do on the farm, but I do see a dairy herd and dairy products as a viable option for a piece of the whole farm plan.

    Clear us mud?
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    Can you give me some tips about your market garden? Our email is Still having trouble with the private messaging thingy. Good luck with the dairy operation.
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    Still in California.. but making a good time of it
    We would be interested in hearing more about this. What is expected from both parties, etc. etc. If you could email me at I hope we can exchange phone numbers as its easier to ask questions.
    My husband has some knowledge but tons of drive.