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  1. bethlaf

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    May 26, 2004
    im bad , actually it was hubby this time, but me too :D
    went to auction last night, had one doe goat who wasnt doign as well as others her age, and one buck who we choose not to keep
    also brought a bunch of my soap with, i knew the buck and doe would sell, hadnt ever seen anyone there with homemade soap , so thought i would chance it
    :D i brought scented and unscented and some pretty 3 packs wrapped in a washcloth and tied
    sold all my soap , made 51.00 off that, kind of stoked, cause this is the first soap"sale" ive made, ive traded a lot of it , but this was the first sales :D so i was VERY VERY happy, neal had kind of been seeming like he was thinking i was going overboard .... but hes happy now, since all my time and investment has been recouped :D , and after the sale others were asking for more :D

    bought a BIG BIG doe for 75.00 , who had been bred to a boer, she had triplets, so they said ,but they only sold her with one tiny buckling kid, maybe the others were doelings andthey kept them , she however is pure alpine, im gonna get her reg. NOA, shes the biggest alpine i have seen in a while, but this am she milked out quart and a half, not bad for having the baby on her all night and a new place :D
    also bought 4 hens and a roo, 5.00 each i know like we needed more chickens, but why not , hens have already laid more eggs, so thats a plus :D
    silver laced wyandottes, so pretty !!! i was really surprised most of the laying hens , and some looked pretty old were selling for between 7-12 each thatsk ind of high for down here bought 1 new NZW buck for 1.50 (typical price down here for buck rabbits at auction is between 3-5)
    Ion, our oldest wanted some more ducks, so i got 4 rouen babies at 4.00 each , figured thats about catalog price, and i dont have to buy 15 and pay shipping :D
    lets see, also bought a meat goat for our meat buyers, he was 55.00, skinny boy though , so luckily they dont need him for a couple weeks, i fed him DE and grain this am , should clean him out and get some weight on him

    and we bought a little weaner piglet , Duroc, boar, a future hubby pig for our sow, and a couple of her babies
    all total , it balanced out that we "spent" 87.00 after the sales and all
    the fun part was getting it all home :D
    loaded piglet and meat buck into the backseat of the truck , momma goat and her baby went into the bed of the truck , along with the chickens duckling and the buck rabbit

    would have been fine except for one thing, about 2 miles from home we got a flat tire, dark was setting , and with the new truck , we had never had to do a lick of work on .... took almost an hour to get tire changed you know after an hour or so , goats and pigs have to potty ....
    thank goodness we bought the truck with the vynil flooring instead of carpet ....

    oh well :D
    anyone else been to auction recently ?
  2. homebirtha

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    Feb 19, 2004
    You gave me a good laugh. Thanks goodness for vinyl! LOL.
    Have fun with your new critters.

  3. luvrulz

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    Feb 3, 2005
    Great story! Glad you did so well with your soap too! Gotta love it!

    We're heading to the goat & sheep auction on Wednesday! Can't wiat - we've been waiting all month!
  4. BeeFree

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    Feb 22, 2004
    Ripley Co. Mo
    So funny. I had to read this one to Dh who is watching tv in the other room. He got a good chuckle. :haha:
  5. packratqueen

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    Aug 18, 2004
    Beth, what auction did you go to?
    I live in N AR also.