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I am wondering where to get a harness for our horse, I would like to train him to pull a cart/wagon or logs, and the only harnesses I have found on line (so far)are the all out fancy things, we just need a basic set up mostly to learn with right now, a collar and traces? It has been many years ago but I have seen set ups that are just the bare basics for training/pulling, I am just at the very begining with this project so please bare with my laps of memory on terms and so forth.

I want to just brag and brag on the progress our "Red" paint horse has made, he has been here just 7 weeks, and has come around so well! Just two weeks ago I could not walk safely across the pasture, he would run up and threaten me, he was so intent on running down the goats that he learned to run in his hobbles, through all kinds of bad terain, he had tryed to bite us, and everything else! kicked his former owner in the pelvis, had shoved me into the stall door frame and brused my shoulder, head butted me and gave me a black eye, and stepped on my foot and draged me (not far once I got my foot back) once he was so determined to "get me" while his feet where free of the hobbles, he reared up while I was sitting on the hood of a car! My husband had to rush around the front and push him away so he came down on the ground instead of the hood,

....and then he desided I was ok after all. {he has been fine with my husband after just 2 weeks here} He allowed me to play with him after he stole a tablecloth of the line, he flapped it about and dropped it as I approched, I picked it up and flapped it around and covered his head with it, he stook it off and we repeted this game several times, he has been well behaved every since, so,... I took the next step to break him from biteing smaller animals with a shock collar. 5 zaps the first day, 4 zaps the next, 1 zap yesterday, none today!!!!! He didn't even compete with goats for grain in a tub put down for him, he just turned away and walked up to us! And we promply rewarded him with a handful of course, He is a different horse now, he is sharing pasture with all the other animals all day long, completely loose and no one has been hurt! Yay!!

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Find somebody or maybe you can but get an Amish made one. They are reasonable cost and well made.

I know of a guy here in Idaho that has a friend who gets him the Amish made ones. I send everybody to who needs harness and I have seen the harnesses, very nice.

I once had a driving donkey, loads of fun!

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