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Family Looking for Homestead Work Exchange

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Hello! I apologize if this is in the wrong thread- lmk where to post and I can post it more appropriately, this looked "right" to me but, I'm new here!

My family (me- 29F, partner- 27M, and our 2 littles, almost 3 and 1 1/2) and I are looking to do a work exchange with a homesteading family. Before our second was born, we did a year of property caretaking (including chickens, a greenhouse and garden, a pool and backyard landscaping, entertaining- bar and spa, basic care of septic, storm shelter maintenance after small flooding, etc.). Now that we are on our feet again with our youngest, we would like to take some of the skills we've learned to the next level. A work exchange with another family is probably our ideal because structurally, a place that people are already working with their own children is probably best (obviously, many other situations could be equally viable so if you could use an extra pair of hands and a couple pairs of happy toddler feet stomping around would delight rather than deter you- let me know). I have been tutoring for 5+ years and am familiar with several homeschooling methods- we have our daughter started in a local parent co-op based at our only organic farm in the area. We are currently based in southern California, but willing to (and hoping to haha) relocate!

If we may be a good fit, or you'd need some help before but then we would all be a good fit, please do reach out- my partner is happy to come out first to help with any builds or projects that may need to be done to set up and that you may need (esp because winter is rapidly approaching now!). We aren't looking for money. Just a life. I can reply in comments with my email if you have interest!

More broadly, we are just willing to connect so if you have something unrelated to this specific post but want to connect nonetheless, don't be shy :)

Cheers and all the best!
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what exactly is a work exchange? i understand you want to work for someone who is homesteading. but what do you get in exchange for your work? are you basically looking to work off rent? im sorry, i really dont understand what you are looking for.
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