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Chris...ahem, like I said in another thread, there is no relationship between price and quality in goats. Your story has all the right elements to prove that, including two very important ones that usually always factor in to such scams.

All I get when I buy is what the owner wishes to tell me and maybe some papers.

Oh, several in the other thread say I'm wrong, which is entirely their right. But I sure wish everyone had been at the farm sale I was at 3 months ago. They had advertised 16 "Boer goats" for sale, with no papers, and said they were good bloodlines and pregnant. Half had kidded by the sale, so they sold them as pairs. The kids were out of *** I DUNNO *** one of the 3 bucks they sold, each of which was wildly different conformationally from the others.

Those were the wormiest, ugliest, mixed-blood kinda rundown things with some scouring. Yet 100+ people showed at the sale. I'd brought my trailer, but that crowd was my clue to shut up and watch ONLY.

Sure enough, they went for $150-300 each. They'd have brought $50 each at the sale barn.

Price: The amount a willing buyer will give a willing seller for an item at a given point in time.

Someone will end up buying your old buck for $900. I can even describe the person. :rolleyes:
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