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    DH has put our air conditioner in the window. The outlet it is plugged into used to have the tv and cable box plugged into it, since that combined with the ac may be too much load for the outlet to handle what kind of extension cord should be used to plug the tv and cable box into an outlet about 12 feet away? The plugs are two prong with one side being wider than the other.A cord bought in a local store that was labled household use doesn't take the plugs, the intake (?) part is not deep enough.
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    if you have to use an extension cord,use as short as possible.and use a heavy gauge cord too.dont plug anything else into it as you will start to make the breakers "pop".

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    Contrary to the above post, I do not see anything wrong with "hillbilly Wiring techniques" for the TV and Cable box combination, a 25 foot 12/3 with a 3 way or double tap on it would not probably hurt your electrical box, trip your breakers or blow fuses. The weak point of any extrension cord is the connection so keeping it free of dust and moisture should be a given.

    Your problem may lay in the wiring diagram of your house, if the circuts are the same [not wired indvidually into the breaker box for the a/c outlet] then you have the same problem as using just one outlet,and if it is gonna trip the breakerwhile using the a/c and the tv [which dont generally happen] your house wiring needs to be checked out.

    I wired in a separate grounded outlet for my folks A/C unit years ago, and their house is OLD wiring, and not all outlets were grounded..... one of these years maybe i'll get a "round tuit" and rewire the whole house for them... after all it was built in 1926 [ok they bought it in 1988]

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    Well, do both outlets share a branch line - that is kinda common, then it makes no difference which outlet you use. It's best if you use a dedicated outlet that comes from the breaker box & only feeds a heavy load like an AC.

    Can you put the TV on the extension cord, and run the AC direct to the close outlet? Extension cords are not a good idea for heavy loads....

    Get a big heavy cord, as short as possible. At least 12 gauge. (14 gauge is smaller wire, 16 gauge is real small - likely what your little cord was....) Anything less will overheat, add more resistance, & break the breakers or fuses.

    Short cord, short as possible, and thick wires. They cost more. you need. How it is.