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experiments in the garden

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I love to experiment with my food plants. This year I decided to thin the apples from wild trees that are at the edges of my garden to see if the remaining apples would benefit from more nutrients and water (although water has not been a problem this season!!!). I think it is making a difference, but time will tell.
The second experiment deals with green bean seeds. I planted two 6 foot rows of (1) seed that was commercially purchased for the 2014 season) and (2) seed that I hand collected last year (2017) from my garden. The hand collected seed is doing better with 100 % germination, while the 2014 seed is only about 60 %. Both were using Provider variety. Of course, it's possible that the storage of the 2014 seed wasn't optimum during the four years that I kept it.
Another experiment that I have going is planting sweet corn in a 4' X 6' raised bed. I don't have the space needed to grow a huge block of corn, even though I know it is recommended. My planting has four rows. I planted the seeds about 6 inches apart within the rows, using 3 seeds per hole. I now have several ears filling out from this experiment. I planted the 6' rows in a west/east direction, as our prevailing wind is from the west. They ears aren't quite mature enough to eat, but they are doing nicely. If things got "tight" I could plant more beds with corn, and together with legumes (beans, peas, etc.) it would offer a complete protein, especially if I didn't have animal to satisfy that nutrition.
I've also done 5 varieties of potatoes again this year, and the harvest so far has been great. I have 5 of the 4 X 6' beds with potatoes as I am sharing with another veggies (what they specifically wanted) for their home grown meat products. Last year I posted the harvest amounts, and will try to do it again this year for the potatoes.
Do the rest of you create your own experiments either with how things are grown, or with new varieties?
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`I got rid of all my chickens and didn't plant a garden this year.
so to fill the void in time, I am learning how to propagate apple trees and grape vines by air layering.
I have 12 air layers on the grape vines and about 4 air layers on each of two apple trees. and two air layers on a mulberry tree..
I also took about 20 scions from the grapes. I have them in a pail of potting soil.
I plan on taking some scions from the apple trees and mulberry tree also.
I am trying to create a tiny park on a bare spot on my property. it will be an edible landscape park..
last year I transplanted 3 grape roots there. they are doing OK, I have to put in stakes and tie them up so they form good trunks..
I also have a black raspberry bush that I am going to take some cuttings from.
there is an elderberry bush in the ditch along the road that I am going to dig up and divide the root into several plants.
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