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Are you living the off-grid sustainable homesteading life you dream about but are not sure if it is for you? Do you have the skill and motivation to start now but no money to buy land?

We are looking for a select few individuals or families to share 107 acres in Vermont. We are offering a 2-year no-money-exchanged lease for those interested in developing the land. Any improvements, structures, etc that you build over those 2 years remain should you move on to another location.

We will collaboratively identify a specific series of benchmarks for you to achieve as part of your agreement including land clearing, pasture development, and more.
Essentially we are bartering for your energy, time, and motivation.

Bring your tiny house, RV, or come build your own cabin. (You will need to get your tiny house or RV down rough logging roads to potential site locations).

This is your opportunity to try off-grid homesteading.
Email g.scott.grahamstephens @ gmail if you are interested.
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