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Exercise equipment from Heaven!

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Well, kinda. Thursday our pastor called to ask if our 17yo son might be available on Saturday morning to help some older members of our church move the wife's elderly parents into their home.

Son spent 4 hours helping move furniture, etc, came home with a full stomach (they fed both teens who helped with the move), some cash in his pocket (a nice 'token of appreciation'), and a very nice barely used treadmill and exercise bike!!

Wow! This is nice stuff here, and would have cost a pretty penny buying it used. They gave it to us for free, since they didn't have room for it in the new place, didn't want to bother selling it and hated to throw it out.


Now I can exercise and read at the same time! Not to mention how excited my soccer playing/track running son is that he can 'stay in shape' over the winter easier now.
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That's awesome!!

My husbands boss gave us a weight system, one you can do bench press, butterfly and legs :). Free equipment is very nice :)
"one good turn..." - good for you both. :clap:

My dh even got on the treadmill yesterday!! :banana02::banana02:

We've been taking evening walks when the weather is nice (and we get home from kids' sports before dark), but he usually sits on the couch if its dark or too wet to go outside. My dd came up from the basement last night and said "get a camera, Dad's on the treadmill!" :D
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