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EveryOne.. Is welcome to Post Here..

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This forum is for everyone to post on with opinions.. thoughts.. prayers.. inspirations... You need not be a Veteran to post.. You might be a Friend of One.. a Relative.. or Someone That CARES... and wants to let others that are know that..

So please feel free to express whatever You wish to..

HelenRose.. aka KC~
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Hello, I am a veteran of Operation Desert Shield, Desert Storm, and Liberation of Kuwait. I spent most of my time during Deser Storm over in Saudi Arabia. I am ex-Navy, and have been since '93. My ship was the USS Puget Sound (AD-38). She has been decomishioned since '96. I guess the Navy got what they wanted of her then let her go. She served my purpose while I was assigned to her and I hope I served her well. My prayers are with them at the moment, whomever is involved with any overseas activities, since I know what similar situations many of the servicemen/women are dealing with. At the moment, I have a brother-in-law still in the Navy on a carrier, the USS Enterprise. He is salty, so it shouldn't be much longer before he gets out.
Welcome Aboard !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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