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    Aug 7, 2005
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    Get your minds out of the gutter. We're talking barn frame raising here. I should have the siding pulled off my "new" barn this weekend, will then drop the bents and start moving the timbers to my place. This is a 5 bent barn going up on block piers. What I'd like is some suggestions on raising the bents back up at my place. I've a tractor available but not much in the way of help. My plan was to stake and tie the bottoms of the first bent so the post will stay on the pier, muscle and grunt to get it about 15 degrees off the ground (jacks and braces), run a line from the tractor over a pole and tie it off on the cross beam to pull it up verticle, use a second rope on my pick up truck to keep it from going all the way over, then braces to hold it verticle while I raise the next one. Any problems I'm overlooking or suggestions to help? Pole buildings I've done, not a problem raising a single post and dropping it into a hole, a different story trying to get an assembled bent to stay up on a set of piers.