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    i have a morgan about 15 years old and she just seemed to get a cloudy left eye,it looks very irritated in the white, seems to be watering and swollen,i checked for any debris and could'nt find anything,i also flushed it with saline.i guess i'm looking for similar situations and the ideas you might have used!

  2. Paula

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    Jun 3, 2002
    She might have scratched or poked it. Vets are very aggressive in treating any eye problem in horses. You should take her to your vet right away. We've had similar situations in the past - the vet gave us abx. ointment to put in the eye every few hrs, and told us we'd either have to keep the horse in a fairly dark place or put a patch on the eye. I'm not one to run to the vet for every little problem - we take care of most stuff ourselves, but an eye injury in a horse is nothing to fool around with.

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    Nov 18, 2003
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    I had an old mare that had an ulcer on her eye like that. Saline flushing and ointment from the vet did the trick, but she always had a scar on it afterwards, act quickly, the bigger the ulcer the bigger the scar may be.
    I also got some other ointment (I had to reserch and ask for it, they didnt seem to know it was available..) that was a painkiller just for eye dammage , it kept her from rubbing it and blinking excessivly.
    it was a while ago so sorry I dont remember the brand name of the drug... someone in the equine forum will know of it I am sure.
  4. kathy H

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    Dec 9, 2002
    my morgans eye does this sometimes to . The vet gave her terimyican optic [ not sure if spelled right?] eye ointment and it clears up in about a week of twice a day treatment. You can buy the ointment at most feed stores.