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Environmental mood swings

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Observed it this evening, a drizzly afternoon, traffic did shift out of intensity mode. Wet roads, cool, I will bet a lot of cans of soup were opened near supper time. The relaxation of coolness causes a modification of motivations.

Its picking back up now, the roads are drying, non umbrella thing are increasing. Postponed mall visits are now being accomplished. It nine and a half, viewing above my puter screen allows me to see the major artery's traffic approach, without the ability to dim. I am going to go purchase one of those 2M candle power portable lights, well, revenge is mentioned in my tag line. Especially after one smart, insert depletive, (spell check did not pick up on this one either), chose to flash his light continuously.

Youth and vigor will not overcome age and treachery (Erma Bronbrec I think). She might not know how to spell it correctly.

The black Angus 'Bullfeathers' and the heifer were retrieved last evening, the snowbirds were supplying water and one even bought food, this removes the cattle's incentive to return home. Why can't they leave my situtation alone? Non livestock people should never interfere with operations. Can we purchase some billboards to that effect?

Well actually its going to be 3 by 5's in plastic 'baggies' attached to the field fence, not going to mention your 'innerwear' again after the last one got removed. Such will be attached via clothes pens, I hope the snowbirds can read pencil.
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Weather....yup yup. Today I saw some. Drove the over 700 mile route from southern Missouri to south central Texas. 14 hours.

It was dry as a bone in Missouri and most of Arkansas. Started raining about Hope. Turned into buckets of rain, then torrential downpours between Nacadoches (I canNOT spell that) and Lufkin. Highway speeds came down to 35 mph, and every business we passed had the office folks standing at the front windows watching the precipitation.

Traffic seemed somewhat lighter than it usually is on a Tuesday, which is normally a big truck day.

Here on the coastal plain, I saw one corn field being 'mudded out,' which means that they were using four wheel drive farm equipment and destroying the rows to get the crop out. Huge mud clods left in the wake of the combines and auger buggies. Water still standing in the rows. The cotton plants are turning black. Not a good weather/farming year here at all.

Edited to add:
Yes, you are right. That was Erma Bombeck. Don't forget the cry of "TAWANDA!" in the movie Fried Green Tomatoes!

And, Yes, again, city folks with osteoporosis need to leave pastured bovines alone for several reasons. In a few days, they are going to think they are pets and climb in the field to pet them. Sigh. Can you say bone fracture?
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