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Embarq - Corporate thieves

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Had the phone lineman out yesterday, system here has been acting up, fixed now. I ask him a question about my puter, he answered the problem, then we discussed the phone bill. He ask to see mine so he got to look at it.

He pointed out that I was being charged for DSL and Internet Access, both; I ask what does this mean? He stated I was being charged for their Earth link email. But, I have never had an Earth link account - please dispatch adequate security and emergency personal to the Embarq office located at The Villages Mall (Belleview, Fl.) on SR 441 at 9:00 am tomorrow.

Check your own bill, your own corporate thieves may doing the same also.
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I have had a squabble with Embarq since November. I moved from one little town to another and just switched numbers. They keep billing me wrong. When I left Spring Lake, I had unlimited long distance within the US for $80 a month. I wanted to keep that plan. Well I kept calling them every month about this because they kept over-billing me. It is suppose to be fixed this month but if it is not I will probably go with Vonage. Has anyone ever used Vonage and can they tell me their experience with this service?
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