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Elk Hide Shedding Issues. Help??

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I recently bought myself an Elk hide for $20 at a local thrift store. I'm sure someone thought at first glance that it wasn't genuine and was probably some IKEA carpet. But I nabbed that sucker quick.
I've been wanting to use it but it sheds horrendously! I've heard some people use some sort of oil to help it but I honestly can't find anything out there to help out with this issue and how to continue to care for it once it's resolved. If anyone has some experience in these matters and would like to share I would love to listen!
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I think everything loses hair with age...I know I did. ...I used to have a fore head...Now I have a five head..
Haha. Sounds like something my uncle would say. I appreciate the response.
I'm looking for a more DIY solution because I don't wanna pay a fortune to have it cleaned, but those are still some good tips. Thank you.
I don’t think you can stop it. Shedding is due to improper tanning.
Yes, It's typically the salt used in the process that dries out the hair follicles and causes it to fall out. But I've heard of some hunters using lanolin oils to help the hair to not be so dry.
1 - 4 of 7 Posts
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