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Discussion in 'Pigs' started by HogEmAll, Apr 4, 2006.

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    Jul 20, 2005
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    Hello All,

    I finally decided to go with an Electric Fence. I've used one for a few weeks now and the results are remarkable!

    I purchased a Fi-Shock Super Shock Model SS-1000. Now for the questions...

    1.) What kind of wire should I use? There are two kinds available here. Both are 17 gauge, one is galvanized steel the other is aluminum. Aluminum conducts electricity 4 times better than steel, but the steel wire is stronger. Not sure which is better.

    2.) What kind of wire should I use to connect the fence charger to the fence wire? Everyone I ask around here suggests I use the normal fence wire...but that's not insulated. Right now I'm using an old extension cord. I cut the ends off and put ring terminals on the wire. Works decent, but there is some electricity leaking somehow. I can put my fence tester anywhere on the insulated cord and the light still blinks.

    3.) Can I run two seperate enclosures on one charger? Like run two wires in two different directions so both pens are charged?

    4.) If not, can I run two chargers on one copper ground rod or should I get a second one? How far apart should I place them if the chargers are close together?

    These two pens will hold young pigs, up to about 50-75lbs. I'll be running two wires in each pen. The first one about 6 inches above ground, the other about 12 inches.

    Any help would be greatly appritiated.

    Kind Regards,
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    I use nothing but 12 /12 gauge high tensile grade 3 galvanized wire. I know it is difficult to work until you get experienced. However, it will last and it will make a quality enclosure.

    A local farm supply or Kencove (online) should sell and insulated galvanized wire that is used to bury under gate openings. This is a good suitable wire that will not leak electrcity as the insulation is designed to handle the higher voltage.

    You can run multiple pens/paddocks off one charger

    There is no need for a second charger

  3. tyusclan

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    Jan 1, 2005
    1. I personally prefer 14 gauge wire if you can find it. It's stronger and seems to hold up better than the thinner wire.

    2. You would only need an insulated wire if you want to protect against someone bumping into it, or if it's touching. Charger voltage is different from household current, so an extension will not insulate against it. You need what's known as TW or THHN. If you know an electrician, you can get a few feet from him. Lowe's may also have it for sale by the foot.

    3. Yes, you can run two directions off one box as long as you don't run more fence than your charger can energize. As agmantoo pointed out on another thread, fence charger manufacturers tend to greatly exaggerate the amount of fence their chargers will energize,

    4. You could hook two chargers to one ground rod if they're close enough, but I would probably put a seperate rod for each box. You can't have too much ground.