Electric fence question.

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  1. For about 3 summers now I have been keeping goats behind a electric fence. It has done well at keeping them in and the stray dogs out. I have not lost a goat yet due to predators of any sort. So my question now is What all kinds of animals can you keep inside a electric fence? Could you raise a calf or a pony, pigs or donkeys? My daughters have been wanting a pony to ride and I have been wanting to raise a calf or two. Electric fence would be cheap and fast to install until I could afford to build something permanent.
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    Nov 22, 2004
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    I use electric fence for all my animals, horses, highland cattle, goats and llamas. I find it the best way to go. No digging holes, no board replacement and they all respect it.

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    May 10, 2002
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    There is safe electric tape now for horses. And pigs, you have to run heaver wires and hotter than for normal animals.
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    Jan 20, 2004
    All of those work with electric.

    But do you mean a single strand?

    Calves don't understand & scoot under it. Will take months until they respect it.

    Horses sometimes are easily spooked & some folks have had bad experiences with a single strand - horse tries to go through like a cheese slicer. Others use it & works well for decades.

    Hogs like to work at anything, and you will need a low wire, while other taller critters will need a higher wire.

    Sheep & thick coated critters need a lot of shock to get through, not a cheapie charger.

    In general, younger critters tend to not understand or respect it.

    But, for me electric is the only way to go, keeps the critters off the fence. I like some type of woven wire behind it.....

    That's the good & the bad, your milage will vary depending on the temperment & age of your critters.

  5. bethlaf

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    May 26, 2004
    i haverun horses cows pigs chickens ( wire mesh)
    younger animals challenge the fence more than older animals, but some like pigs, one shock is all it takes

    i have goats behind woven wire and electric, but i have known that some goats can be run with electric, i have never owned any goats of this type however.:)LOL
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    With an electric fence the initial introduction to the fence is critical. You want the shock to make a lasting imprint on the mind of the animal being contained. Once you have this "shock" imprinted on the animal, the respect of the fence will remain. Problems occur when the initial introduction is only a tingle, the animal learns that it can run through the fence without any significant consequences. Invest in good fence chargers with high output, always have the charger oversized to the task. I also find that the high output chargers are good for keeping trespassers (2 legged ones) out. Build good fences with H braced corners and heavy 12 gauge wire, well tensioned, and quality insulators. It will give you peace of mind let you sleep comfortably.
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    Mar 4, 2005
    you can build a trainer pen or corral, by having a good fence corral and then put a electric fence about 2 foot inside the permanent fence, they will usually learn to respect it,

    some times you may have to make a multiple wire electric fence I did with the goats, I have a three wire fence on them, I think now I could get by with a single wire,

    I use a 20 mile fencer, even tho the longest fence is have is 4 miles, the better the fencer the better the fence,